• http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    I think the media is making a mountain over a molehill over this. I’m not convinced that the Pope’s use of “gay” over homosexual was planned. It strikes me as an off the cuff statement. If it leads to better relations with the gay community, great. But I don’t think they’re going to have an epiphany and change their agenda. Or their lifestyle.

  • Dcn Chris

    But the people who get their info through the media won’t hear the nuance, and I’ll bet will not hear any explanation- Which is why I wish the Pope had said somethink like this- ” Are homosexuals welcome in the Church? My answer is “Of
    course, but on the same basis as the rest of us- as sinners in need of
    God’s mercy and forgiveness. Homosexual activity is sinful. That does
    not mean that a person struggling with same sex attraction is somehow
    MORE sinful than someone who is an adulterer. Or bears false witness. Or
    is dishonest in his personal or business dealings. Jesus gives the
    homosexual the same command he gives the rest of us- “Go
    forth and SIN NO MORE”. We need to be especially
    compassionate towards our brothers and sisters wrestling with this burden in good faith. They must often feel beset on all sides by those
    condemning them for not surrendering to their compulsions, and also by
    those who seem to consider them beyond redemption.

    None of us is exempt from the laws of God… and none of us is beyond His Mercy.