Giving Their Lives for Christ in Nigeria

Rhemedia has a more general purpose, to utilize the most powerful storytelling medium of our time to convey the most important truths of all time.  But there’s no question that there’s a consistent thrust to the films we’ve created so far — a thrust toward more radical discipleship, a thrust toward self-abandonment in giving ourselves for the kingdom.

From time to time, in this blog space, we want to share the stories of people who are giving themselves in extraordinary ways for the gospel.  This piece is potentially controversial, since it touches on the relationship between Muslims and Christians.  But the believers who tell their stories in this video are making extraordinary sacrifices, and living in a way that challenges our complacent Christendom.  For us, giving our lives is an abstraction.  We try to give our whole selves, to understand that in giving ourselves we find true life.  But for these brothers and sisters, giving their lives is all too literal.  Please watch this amazingly powerful video:


You can learn more about this situation from Medical Ambassadors International — and if you’re interested in challenging your church to more generous living, please consider our Living Generously series.  

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