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This past Sunday, our church's text in Romans 8 reminded me that those of us who are in Christ are, "not in the flesh, but in the spirit."  As I shared, this is the foundation for establishing a trajectory towards maturity.  Little by little, as we learn to live into this new identity, we'll be enabled to overcome issues, discover our unique gifts and callings, and gain an increasing capacity to be a blessing to others.All of this, though, is predicated on us becoming increasingly secure in o … [Read more...]

Male Call –

David Brooks wrote a NY Times column last month in which he posited that the current economic crisis has been much harder on men then women, pointing out that nearly a fifth of all men between the ages of 24 and 54 were unemployed as of this past November.  He notes that for every 100 men graduating from college, there are 185 women doing so, and ponders the loss of masculine identity.I applaud Brooks for bringing a subject to light that few people want to address:  the crisis of the American m … [Read more...]

A tension…

Winding down my time in Fresno, I'm sitting, waiting for my flight.  Fresno, increasingly represents this schizophrenic division that I see in me and all of us, every time I'm here.  The place, of course, reminds me of my youth, and the marvelous times I had, especially in high school.  Life was full and good, with a solid self esteem that came from my involvement in the music world, and a few good friends with whom I'd play tennis, eat pizza, and just generally have fun.  There were ice-hockey g … [Read more...]

The Paralysis of Polarity

After spending a glorious Sunday afternoon watching the best Ice Hockey game ever (and I've seen many), I posted a tongue and cheek comment on my facebook page, indicating that Canada had both the gold medal and health care.  The comments that ensued were a reminder that Christians are as deeply divided and entrenched on this issue as everyone else.  We're red Christians and blue Christians - big government Christians, and small government Christians, and we're good at pushing each other's b … [Read more...]