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Fries and Fast Cars…the problem with oil

As the oil spill in the Gulf approaches its two month anniversary, we who read widely find ourselves swimming in an ocean of commentary on the tragedy.  There's enough blame to go around, it seems, as suddenly the tea party is begging for big government to step and solve the problem, and Obama is looking for someone to kick because, of course, it's the corporation that's to blame.  It's what's missing in the blame game, however, that's most tragic of all:  a sense of personal re … [Read more...]

Wooden Gold – Thanks John

In yesterday's post I wrote that I'd be sharing an example of God's reign made visible.  Here it is, in the form of a letter, with a front end note that this isn't about basketball; it's about making God's reign visible.Dear John -I'm not sure why we think about people more after they die than while they're alive, but your passing away this weekend at the age of 99 had me thinking about you, something I'd not done much of since college.  I'm one of the millions who knew of you and were a … [Read more...]

The Paradox of Contentment and “Not Yet”

All these died in faith, without receiving the promises, but having seen them and welcomed them from a distance, and having confessed that they were strangers and exiles on the earth. Hebrew 11:13Someday I'll overcome my penchant for self-destructive choices that seem to afflict me from time to time, like eating dessert for lunch and skipping out on any real food, or watching TV instead of exercising, or disengaging from an honest conversation out fear.  Someday I'll make the right choice … [Read more...]

A step towards Abounding in Hope

When we ran a wilderness thing in the mountains, we had a fun little game we'd play on our ropes course.  These adventure courses and team building are, to be blunt, a little cliche these days. As a result, very few people were interested in just climbing rope ladders, jumping off poles, and falling backwards into some outstretched arms.To make things more exciting, we had our over-confident participants do the ropes course blindfolded.  They'd climb the rope ladder and the put on a blind fold … [Read more...]

Brian’s Song: confusing words on a slippery slope

I'll start by saying that many of Brian McLaren's books have been great reads.  I read "the church on the other side" years ago, which gave voice to some important cultural shifts as "post-modernity" was becoming a common phrase in theological circles.  Two things stood out in that book as important and true:1. Brian didn't challenge the notion of absolute truth.  Instead he challenged the human capacity to apprehend truth perfectly, and communicate it accurately, so that it might be perceived … [Read more...]

Evolution, Waltke, and the Pandora Problem…

I love Pandora.  Not the goddess; the software.  I love creating ultra-personalized radio stations based entirely on my tastes. I love knowing that because my artists, and somethings like them, are all that will be played, I'll never be disappointed again while listening to music, and if I am, I can punish Pandora with a "thumbs down" rating on a song and rest assured that my tastes have been even further refined.As a result, though, I've become way less tolerant of normal radio, which forces m … [Read more...]