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Showing up for each other…year after year

I just finished a week of ministry at Forest Home, a marvelous ministry in Southern California that shares Christ with thousands of families each year.  I love these weeks of itinerant teaching; , sharing meals, and talking about family life, church life, and ministry with people from all over Southern California and Arizona.  This is the kind of ministry that I did for years before settling in to life in Seattle as the pastor of Bethany Community Church.There was a group of people at family c … [Read more...]

The kids at the camp…

Tuesday, 3:30 PM, Forest Falls, California, by the side of the swimming pool.I'm spending an hour lazing in the sun, making up for the last three hundred days in the raincity.  It's glorious.  When I'm warm I dive in, and then lay down again, reading and chatting with guests until I'm dry, and then I dive in again. This is ministry?  Yes.  I'm teaching this week, but am happy to report that I'm learning as well.This is a family conference, which means that there are hundreds of small chi … [Read more...]

Off the map for now.

I'm dropping this quick line from a borrowed computer to let you know that I won't be able to post much this week, nor will be moderating comments.  I'm in the mountains east or Los Angeles, speaking a conference, and will be flying home Saturday.  Already though, a lot has happened: 1. My rental car, thanks to my administrative assistant, is a convertable Smart Car! I'd never driven a convertable in my life until yesterday.  What was I thinking?  This is tons fun.  With my wife and I driving e … [Read more...]


It's been quite a week.  Having driven my oldest to the airport last week for her move to Europe to teach for "awhile" (she's ambiguous, just like Jesus), I drove my youngest to the airport this week.  She's visiting friends in Germany now, and will take a train to Austria on Sunday, where she'll begin the five week "Upward Bound" program.  The program is precious to my wife and I because we ran a sister program in the Cascades during our season living up there and loved it.  Blending teaching in … [Read more...]