Colors… and “The Colors of Hope”

We could ponder beauty together, asking why these colors inspire, or sooth.  We could talk about God’s faithfulness and the beauty of season changes.  We could talk about light, and how the same tree looks so very different in the morning than the evening.  But we won’t.  Instead I’ll just note that because all of these were shot within walking distance of my house, I consider myself one of the most blessed and fortunate people on the planet!  Enjoy!

Oh – and there’s one more… do you love this cover?  The book’s due out in May, and I’m terribly excited about it!  The cover captured the essence of the book, which is that all of us are uniquely gifted to offer beauty and hope to our world, through Christ.  All of us are artists, and when we create, we find joy, and the life for which we’re made!  I hope you’ll read it and share it with others, because it’s a message we need in our time.   There are more fall pics if you click the flickr thing on the sidebar. Go Giants!

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  • Lisa

    Looking forward to reading it!

  • Tara Petriw

    I love the cover of this one, can’t wait to read it!

  • Samuel

    Nice pictures! I especially like the mushroom.

  • I’m looking forward to reading this book. God bless.

  • I accidentally clicked on one of the photos and wound up with the large version- wow!! You are indeed blessed to live near such beauty (but then, we all are!). We’re eagerly looking forward to the book’s release!