Snow Day…

Went up to the writing cabin to prepare it for the coming deep freeze and got more than I bargained for… a perfect powder day at Mt Baker!  On this day, I’m thankful for health, the beauty of snow, and backcountry skis.

About Richard Dahlstrom

As Pastor of Bethany Community Church in Seattle, Richard teaches with vision of "making the invisible God visible" by calling people to acts of service and blessing. It's working, as a wilderness ministry, homeless shelter, and community meals that serve those living on the margins are all pieces of Bethany's life. "We're being the presence of Christ" he says, "and inviting everyone to join the adventure." Many have, making Bethany one of the fastest growing churches in America in 2009 according to Outreach Magazine.

  • Heather

    I am so glad you had the time to come up and enjoy the beautiful snow! We so enjoyed your photos and video of your Mountain Journey today!!!! Truly a Perfect Perfect Day! Blessings unto you and yours as you prepare for your upcoming travels!
    The Gregorys!

  • Jim


    What a beautiful reminder of the glory and beauty of God’s creation! Thanks for being willing to share your experience with the rest of us.


  • Kristi

    Ahh, so sublimely beautiful! I want to BE there! (Snow forecasted for Thursday here!)

  • Cat

    Love the video. I’ve been so busy that I’ve forgotten that peace can be found just outside my door. Please let me know the music that you used. It’s so peaceful.