Good News…Great Joy…All People

Over the past two years, the church I pastor in Seattle has invested well over 300 thousand dollars in providing clean water for villages in Africa.  We do this through the excellent work of “Living Water International” because they don’t just provide water, they provide it “in Jesus name.”

I hope you’ll pause now and celebrate with me, as you look at this brief video that offers thanks to Spilling Hope  (look, especially, at the 2nd half, with specific messages to Bethany Community Church), which is the ministry of providing water in Jesus’ name that our church began in 2009.  It’s appropriate, at this season of gratitude, to pause and think God, not only for the rich blessings many of us have received, but to thank God, as well, for the profound privilege of living generously!  Jesus said it this way:  “Freely you’ve received….Freely Give”

As I look around the world today and ponder the work God is doing in reconciling enemies, healing bodies and families, imparting forgiveness and joy, transforming lives, giving water to the thirsty, and so much more, I realize that all of it – all of it – pours out of the abundance that is the risen Christ.  His news is gladder, holier, more generous, more transformative and life giving than we can imagine, even in our boldest dreams.   This profound change in the trajectory of persons, families, and even history itself began, not with a highly publicized launch party – but in the humility of a willing womb, and a cave on the outskirts of nowhere.

Thanks be to God, for this great gift!

May you enjoy the fulness of Him in these next days…. Merry Christmas!

About Richard Dahlstrom

As Pastor of Bethany Community Church in Seattle, Richard teaches with vision of "making the invisible God visible" by calling people to acts of service and blessing. It's working, as a wilderness ministry, homeless shelter, and community meals that serve those living on the margins are all pieces of Bethany's life. "We're being the presence of Christ" he says, "and inviting everyone to join the adventure." Many have, making Bethany one of the fastest growing churches in America in 2009 according to Outreach Magazine.

  • Jenny Miller

    Thanks be to God! And blessings to you and yours.