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Why Rest Matters

This week there were more e-mails coming in than there was time to respond. There were lots of meetings on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday—and these were the kind of meetings that add to your "to do" list, rather take things away.  In the spaces between the e-mails and the meetings, there are several large projects, each one requiring lots of time, each one having some looming deadlines.Every person is different, but this is not my favorite kind of week.  The rhythm of restoration and output isn't … [Read more...]

Dust by God—The Matter of the Body (Part 2)

In part one of The Matter of the Body I shared that a great deal of the disdain Christians sometimes show towards all things physical is rooted, not in the robust spirituality offered in Christ, but in a perversion of that spirituality, which exalts the spirit and denigrates the physical realm.  This has its roots more in Plato than Jesus, and as a result of it, sitting and praying viewed as more valuable than climbing a rock or playing soccer.  Eating industrial food shot through with hormones a … [Read more...]