Forgive us our debts…and teach us to stop creating them.

If it weren't so tragic it would be funny.  The news has been filled lately, whether on Fox, or CNN, or in the New York Times, with average Americans enraged at the inability of our elected officials to manage our collective money.  Enraged!   Hahahahaha! The average American has three credit cards and is carrying, on average, $15,799 in credit card debt. We spend too much in our personal lives and reflect that problem when we vote for officials, some of whom promise cradle to grave security … [Read more...]

Fasting: The foundation of a life of Feasting

"I like food too much to not fast" David Steindl-Rast, in his "A Listening Heart", writes about what he calls sensuous asceticism.  He's trying to find that space between the over-indulgences of our culture, where food, sex, shopping, social networking, music, movies, television, web surfing, clothing, drugs, and alcohol are just some of the many appetites that, at their worst, rise up and become masters in our lives, and the vilifying of appetites that so often occurs among Christans.  The … [Read more...]