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“Freud’s Last Session” and the Art of Civility

In the span of a few short days, I had two experiences which, together, served to expose a serious crack in the edifice of American culture.  First, I attended a conference in New York where I listened to Os Guinness speak briefly about the serious shortage of civility in the public square.  This was part of a larger conference on science of faith, but the polarization of American culture extends far beyond conversations between young earth creationists, intelligent design advocates, and t … [Read more...]

Women in the Church – Snapshot of censorship and call for repentance

Eldon Epp is the author of a little book entitled Junia:  The First Woman Apostle.  It's a book about a single verse in the bible, Romans 16:7 which reads wildly differently, depending on your translation, because it's fraught (unnecessarily) with controversy.  Since this is a blog post and not a book, I'll summarize Epps conclusions, also offered in Scott McKnights marvelous e-book, Junia is not Alone (about the censure of females voices in Christendom).First the verse, translated without eq … [Read more...]

Last Breath – Finding Joy today because of an eternal perpsective

I had a great aunt who enjoyed life more than most people.  She was a cook at large conference center on the coast of California, tucked away in the giant redwood trees. She lived with her sister, my grandma, and every summer we'd go there for a week's vacation.  The smell of redwood, cinnamon roles, and bacon, became synonymous for bliss, as this was a place of rest, safety, beauty.  She and her sister loved life, loved us, and loved Jesus. Simply by serving and loving others, they sowed seeds o … [Read more...]

Raw Gospel – Convicting and Challenging

In a book filled with stunning events, one that surely must rank near the top of the list is found, almost in passing, in John 13, where Jesus, just hours prior to his arrest and execution, washes his disciples feet.  That the maker of the universe would stoop so low is, itself, a shocker.  People of rank aren't prone to embrace the towel and basin, not even in the best of times.  But on this night we're given clues into Jesus mindset as he enters this evening, and it's these "behind the cu … [Read more...]

Loving People, Losing Life – The Gospel made Real

Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone.  But if it dies, it bears much fruit. Jesus the ChristJeremiah Small was a student who attended the Torchbearer Bible Schools, the family of schools where I am privileged to teach on a regular basis.  Jeremiah was teaching in Iraq until last week, when he was killed by one of his students, before turning the gun on himself.  An e-mail I received from one of his friends remembers Jeremiah this way:  He did much more tha … [Read more...]