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The empire has no clothes. The King has colors of hope

In my last post I wrote: Until I’m willing to see both the idolatry and insufficiency of the present “McWorld” system, I’ll also fail to see the radically hopeful nature of the gospel, which provides an exit strategy from these false hopes as it invites us into so much more than a ticket to heaven.Assuming that I do see the insufficiency of the present worldview (no matter who's in power), only clears the deck of false hopes.  It deconstructs.  It exposes.  And, if left alone, creates a g … [Read more...]

The Empire Has No Clothes – raw truth precedes real hope – Part One

The losses and damages characteristic of our present economy cannot be stopped, let alone restored, by “liberal” or “conservative” tweakings of corporate industrialism, against which the ancient imperatives of good care, homemaking, and frugality can have no standing. - Wendell BerryNow that Mitt Romney has effectively vanquished all other contenders, the real election posturing can begin, and we all know it won't be pretty.  More importantly though, we also know it won't be true, or at th … [Read more...]

Hope and Laughter – Yours for the Thaw

I'm driving east today from Seattle, into the mountains for some R&R (Reading & wRiting).  I've been east often during this past ski season, often enough to watch the snow pile up, to watch upper story windows become encased in snow.  Up in these coastal mountains, most of that rain that famously falls in Seattle comes down as snow, creating tons of beauty.  Still, enough is enough, and one begins to wonder, with the white stuff still falling in late March, when this frozen beauty will be … [Read more...]

The extent of the common good…from bodies to nations

I cut myself Saturday morning, right on the tip of my first finger, which is not the best place to bleed if you like writing.  Immediately, though, things begin happening throughout my whole body to begin a healing process (you'll forgive my layman's understanding of this?):  Elements conspire to stop the blooding.  White cells attack and confine potentially infectious intruders.  Skin is miraculously reconstituted.  Scab falls away.  Done.This is happening all the time in both visible and in … [Read more...]

Public Vice and Private Virtue

I was privileged to attend the Annual Seattle Pacific Business Breakfast yesterday and listen to David Brooks, a favorite columnist of mine from the NY Times talk about the shift in ethos that's been occurring in our culture over the last fifty years.  In the midst of all that he said so well, one thing stood out to me.  In an after session Q&A, David noted that, when he's on Meet the Press, he'll chat with the appointed spokespeople from both the political left and right chosen to represent … [Read more...]

T.G.I.F. – the new “F” in town

Yes, it's Good Friday.Yes, I pondered as a child, how going to church on a Friday night, listening to depressing music, and hearing the familiar story of Jesus' death, told with excessive attention to each gory detail was, in any way, "good".Yes, I'm now the guy up front talking on Friday night, as other little kids are forced to go sit with their parents to once again live the ritual of remembering Christ's death.But, No!  I'm not going to be recalling, in gory detail, the bloody … [Read more...]

Learning to Lead: Lamb-style

It's early - 5:30 or so, when I hear the first birds of morning as light and sound bid me to wake and join the living.  I lay in bed and ponder what Wednesday must have been like for Jesus during that week between the height of popularity and the unified chorus of "crucify him!" spewed from the lips of the jealous, and the angry, and the fearful.  The all knowing Jesus knew of his own impending death.  We know, too, that this was to be the moment in his life when his own will crossed that of the … [Read more...]