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“Where’s this headed?” The importance of trajectory

I was on a morning walk recently with some friends in the mountains, and met someone on the walk who was visiting one of our neighbors.  We had a delightful conversation about the different things we'd done with our lives.  I told him that prior to living in Seattle I ran an outdoor program that was a blend of "Outward Bound" and "Bible Teaching".  (For those interested in such a program today, the best one I know of is in Austria, and you can learn of it here).  Then, right there, with the sun b … [Read more...]

Focus on the Dysfunctional Family

I love my friend, Larry Shallenberger's paragraph in this post, about the danger of "Christian Church Culture".  He likens God's transforming process to that of a mechanic restoring an old motorcycle, believing that the old rusted bike has its best years ahead of it.  We religious people, meanwhile, tend to handle each other like airport luggage handlers. This leads to the false belief that its better to lower our heads and fit in.Lower our heads and fit in. Covertly demand that, as a p … [Read more...]

Big Bibles & High Flying Flags – or the presence of Jesus?

Sometimes, when I go to the movies, I can’t tell the film’s name 24 hours later.   It’s all gone: plot, players, why I bothered to spend $11 to sit in a dark room for two hours.  There are those few, though, that affected me so profoundly that, even now, 26 years later, I can still remember where I was when, unexpected, "The Mission" reshaped my soul.Having grown up in a conservative Christian home, I'd learned, by other names, notions of American Exceptionalism, and that white guys always wo … [Read more...]

Faith Requires Revelation, Conviction, and Humility

Right after my last blog offering, our president chimed on the issue of gay marriage, thus making the topic even more front in center for our culture, and necessitating the conversation for all people of faith.  The many comments on my last post included pleas for 'clarification' on my part, so I'll try to do that briefly.  But the main point of this post is ponder, with you, the implications of the fact that people who love Christ see things differently.  I'd argue that there are three elements … [Read more...]

Embracing Loss – the paradoxical road to joy

In the marvelous little book "I Quit", Geri Scazzero writes, "once you end the pretense of superficiality and 'niceness' that characterizes so much of the Christian culture today, you will experience liberation, freedom, and a genuine body life that is truly a taste of the kingdom of heaven".The single little paragraph explodes with important truths for me and, I hope, for you too:1. Superficiality and Pretense are woven into Christian culture. It's not just Christians, of course, who … [Read more...]