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Strength, Weakness, and the Strength of Weakness

I spent part of the spring and early summer doing a little physical therapy because lately my elbows and right shoulder have been bothering me when I climb.  So once every two weeks I'd make my way to see a man who I consider to be a genius when it comes to helping people heal and maximize the capacity of the their body.  It turns out that his assistant attends the church I lead, and so we ended up having all kinds of brief discussions during my visits about school, literature, calling, v … [Read more...]

Camp China – reminders of what really matters…

It had been years since I'd thought about Tienanmen Square until last night.  Like the rest of the world, I thought about it when it happened, and then I thought about again a few years later when I was speaking at a retreat of international students.  I was sitting with some of the students and each of them were sharing in turn why they did or didn't believe in God.  I remember this man from China, then studying Physics at University of Washington.  He said, "I was in Tienanmen Square during the … [Read more...]

What are you wearing today?

Warning:  No chicken sandwiches were eaten, or boycotted, in the production of this blog post.  I love this little bit in Colossians 3, which reads: "put on (or 'drape yourself with') a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience."  The author goes on to declare that a community clothed in these will be quick to forgive and also won't be inclined to pick at each other over every little thing (which is the meaning of 'bearing with one another').  It's a wonderful word picture … [Read more...]