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Wrong Words lead to Wrong Actions: Environmentalism and John 3:16

She came in on a hot summer day to be treated for Asthma.  Dr. Matt Sleeth treated the young child, born into poverty, and told little Etta for whom breathe had become a literal life and death matter, that he wouldn’t let her die.  A few years later though, she did die, in a severe asthma attack – in prosperous America.  Don’t worry – this isn’t a post about American health care system(s).  It’s about something much more important- how our reading, or misreading, of the Bible shapes our actions a … [Read more...]

The Path… why we desparately need silence, solitude, and paying attention

My daughter and I are going up into the high country, but we'll be taking the road less traveled.Instead of parking at a trailhead and following a line on a map, we'll be walking up, behind the chalet we purchased nearly one year ago with a vision of offering hospitality, space to hear God's voice, and a sharing of life in a mountain setting with guests.  This way of getting to our destination offers no line on a map - just word of mouth, unused and overgrown roads and subtle paths which, if … [Read more...]

You never built anything on your own…

It's a long busy day, after a long busy weekend, and by the middle of the afternoon my blood sugar is lagging.  I know when that happens and the brain fog sets in, I'm prone to bouts of self-pity, whereby my ambitions to do nothing rise up and mock my calendar of obligations, my to-do lists, my roles and goals, and my possessions demanding my care.  At my worst I'm prone to over-react when I feel this way and romanticize about selling everything and moving to the Italian Alps.  I close my eyes an … [Read more...]

Two mountains, one choice. Choose Wisely

"...I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse.  So choose life in order that you may life, you and your descendants, by loving the Lord your God, by obeying His voice, and by holding fast to Him..."  MosesOn labor day I went for a stroll with my wife and youngest daughter up in the Cascades.  We were on the famous Pacific Crest Trail for a few miles (and met a wonderful man who had been hiking on it all the way from the California/Oregon border to our location over 450 … [Read more...]