Weekend Links – Sexual Ethics and Practice for Christ Followers

For those interested in the ongoing conversation that’s unfolding on this blog about sexual ethics, here are some links to other articles that you’ll find helpful.  As God’s people, our calling is to bring light into dark places, and there’s perhaps no arena where we’ve done that more poorly throughout our history than the realm of sexuality and sexual ethics.  What I offer here isn’t a set of answers, but a bringing of the conversation into the light.

Why the term “Gay Christian” is helpful, written by a Christian who is attracted to his own gender. Wes Hill makes the clear distinction between temptation and sin, between longings and practice – a distinction we all need if we’re to realize ongoing transformation.

Do we make virginity an idol?  How can we have these conversations about the church and sexual ethics without shaming people on the one hand, or saying “the church doesn’t care what you do, as long as it’s consensual” on the other?

Here’s an article about the need for the church to entirely rethink the manner we teach this stuff.

The myth of commitment free sex, and the reality of our culture’s sex habits are exposed in the book, “Premarital Sex in America”, a great read for everyone seeking to understand what’s happening in our culture.  If you don’t have time for the whole book (and you probably don’t), then at least check out this article that summarizes it, including this poignant quote:

Indeed, our current preoccupation with keeping sex sanitary, salutary, and unencumbered by anything resembling a moral judgment has led to a narrow focus on preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, and an effective denial of the regret and depression that follow many sexual encounters. Facing up to the psychological problems associated with casual sex (which are far more common among women) will require the medical profession to decide whether it is possible to withhold judgment without denying necessary care.

There are many more…but I hope these few will help.

Finally… any questions or comments you have about these important topics might add to the value of our conversation, if they’re offered in a respectful tone.  If not, I won’t publish ’em -it’s that simple.

Enjoy the weekend and the west coast offense!




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