Welcome to my Patheos blog

I am so thankful to be blogging on Patheos. I love that is is host to all who are trying discover or rediscover God and those who just want to find greater meaning to life. I will be uploading some of my previous posts soon... … [Read more...]

One Nation Under God and Above Nationalism by Robert Ricciardelli

We have just come out of a presidential election. Some Christ followers are happy, some are not, some have concern, and some continue to live in fear. I do not have a problem with concern, but I do have a problem with fear. Fear has the ability to imprison the faith and hope within us. Without faith, it is impossible to please God, and it is impossible to live in the overcoming power of the Kingdom of God within us. God is much bigger than who is in charge of our nation or any nation. Whoever is … [Read more...]

Dying For Something Greater by Robert Ricciardelli

We can live for nothing or die for something more. People of faith have chosen to die in order to truly live for something greater than themselves. Dying is not easy and self does not like it too much. Jesus said, "If you want to find your life, you must lose it." He must increase and we must decrease for real power and life to be manifested. This is a tremendous surrendering to our Creator and His plan for us. This is a surrendering to His view over our view, and His ways over our ways. We … [Read more...]

Love Crucified Arose by Robert Ricciardelli

Love Crucified Arose! By Robert Ricciardelli www.convergingzone.comLong ago He blessed the earth, born older than the years, And in the stall a cross He saw, through the first of many tears. A life of homeless wandering cast out in sorrow's way, The Shepherd seeking for the lost, His life, the price He paidLove crucified, arose, the Risen One in splendor Jehovah soul Defender, has won the victory Love crucified, arose, and the grave became a place of hope For the heart that sin and sorrow … [Read more...]

“Hearers” Can Change the World! by Robert Ricciardelli

"The world is dying for want, not of good preaching, but of good hearing.”(George Dana Boardman)It is time that Gods people begin to take the initiative in seeking the Lord like never before. Going to church on Sunday and yet not living as the church on Monday has given us a powerless message to society. We have an identity crisis in the fact that we have created a place for ministry instead of a people mobilized for the work of the ministry. We are a nation of kings and priests, filled w … [Read more...]

Everybody Has a Seed to Grow and to Sow by Robert Ricciardelli

Some people walk, some people raceSome people vary in their paceBut God can use what you can giveWithin the mystery of His waysDon't underestimate...One thing I knowEverybody's got a seed to sowlet your heart of heartsTake you down the roadEverybody's got a seed to sow "Michael W. Smith"Every Human being was born with an eternal seed… God’s nature!Everybody who was born was created in His image. By the grace and mercy of God, He brought us life through Jesus Christ, His So … [Read more...]

No In-betweens Needed by Robert Ricciardelli

"God's provision for humanity is revealing greater truth while exposing what is false. He desires for every son and daughter to know that they have direct access to Him through Christ alone. Therefore every child of God can always come boldly before Him with no human in between. True spiritual fathers teach this freedom with love and encouragement while desiring to see those they serve soar to greater heights than themselves."Do you live in the freedom of knowing you can access God at any … [Read more...]

I Care Very Little For Christian Profession by Robert Ricciardelli

"I do not care about how Christian you say you are or that you have fish symbols on your car and windows. I do not care that you carry a bible everywhere you go. If the first thing you say in business is, "trust me I am a Christian," I won't. If I see you as patient, kind, and loving, I take notice. Extravagant Christ followers live in divine truth and are a beaming light for the undeniable transforming power and love of God."Have you ever noticed a gap between what is proclaimed and what is … [Read more...]

What Does the Word “Christian” Mean? by Robert Ricciardelli

"The word 'Christian' means different things to different people. To one person it means a stiff, judgmental, inflexible way of life that is exclusive and irrelevant to society. To another it is following after Christ, a freedom life that is inclusive, relevant, and able to transformationally love all people. The term 'Christian' may not be properly redeemed, but we can live in the power of a redeemed life that changes the world."What does the word Christian mean to you?Are you living in the … [Read more...]

The Power of Authenticity by Robert Ricciardelli

The power of being an influencer for good is not in what you do or say, but in the power of who you are. Beyond even that, it is the power of the One within you that is the change-maker. There are techniques and scripts people adopt to impact lives that prove to be transformationally impotent. Transformational power through your life will only come through authenticity that flows through the power of God's love." Authenticity of who you are creates vulnerability. Are you willing to be vulnerable … [Read more...]