Passionately Pursue a Shared Life by Robert Ricciardelli

Outstanding success can come from both desire and skill in relating with others in business and in life. We have been designed to flourish in the strength that only togetherness can provide. It begins with the foundation of love for God, for self, and for the crown of creation called humanity. Trust God, risk being rejected, and passionately pursue shared life experiences that flow through authentic relationships. … [Read more...]

Listen for the Mysteries of God by Robert Ricciardelli

God speaks to us great mysteries in a variety of ways. He does so through creation, dreams, visions, and speaking, wisdom, and encouragement to our hearts. Confirm the voice of Wisdom while moving in agreement to His instructions. Accept Providence in what He does and what He may not do in your expectations, and regardless of your understanding, expect His amazing grace to fill in all the gaps along your journey. … [Read more...]

Loving Beyond the Establishments of Man by Robert Ricciardelli

Those who are spiritual live in truth, justice, and inclusivity, while exclusive others put religious activities above grace, mercy, and truth. Religious systems want to collect people in buildings while God desires to connect with all people beyond mans establishments. Religion protects itself by separating from the world while the children of God go fearlessly into the world in the power of His love.  … [Read more...]

Building on the Strength of “Us” by Robert Ricciardelli

We must break down the walls of "me" and "them" to begin to let go of the lines that divide, and be able to love and appreciate all of humanity. We must not ignore the vulnerability and brokenness that all of humanity shares, as well as all of the potential for good. Together we can build a brighter tomorrow when we acknowledge the strengths outside of ourselves, and build in the power of God and "us". … [Read more...]

The Kingdom Beyond Human Constraints by Robert Ricciardelli

Living life in freedom is a lifetime of becoming human as God intended. God designed us to be supernaturally empowered in the practical, manifesting His glory through the ordinary. It occurs in the now, through living incarnations of Himself, and not through the lenses of law and morality codes. The Kingdom is beyond human constraints or containment, and as children, we are welcomed participants. … [Read more...]

Heavenly Fleet, Heavenly Cargo by Robert Ricciardelli

The truth and light of God cannot be hidden. When it permeates a vessel, the vessel cannot damper it. The vessel is fueled by it, guided by it, and shines brilliantly for it. These vessels for good on earth will not be detoured while being propelled as agents of love, light, and goodwill to all. This heavenly loaded fleet continues to emerge and converge, delivering the precious cargo of heaven to the earth. … [Read more...]

“Being” is Beyond the Entrapments of Doing by Robert Ricciardelli

You an amazing part of creations big picture while not being asked to do anything more than what you have been designed for. Having a valued role in God means that you live in freedom and can cast your burdens on Him. You are fully authorized to participate with nothing to prove to mankind, because your significance and dignity comes from God. It is beyond the entrapments of doing, because you can rest in your being.  … [Read more...]

Ego Dismissed Through Significance by Robert Ricciardelli

Ego must be disregarded and dismissed in order to welcome and embrace a significant Spirit life. Ego likes to believe we are separate from God and others while maintaining the need to acquire, possess, and control. Life in the Spirit seeks Gods directives, perspectives, and Gods glory in all things. Spirit man loves and serves for the benefit of others while doing so knowing their true identity as a child of God.  … [Read more...]

Legacies Are Not Built On Potential by Robert Ricciardelli

Legacies cannot be built on mere potential. Greatness resides within you, although it is what you do that flows authentically through who you are that matters most. Reputations can be fleeting as they can be built up for years and yet destroyed in a moment. Remain confident in who you are and the gifts you have while at the same time continuing in the essential activities that build a great life and legacy. … [Read more...]

The Gift of Choice by Robert Ricciardelli

One of God's greatest gifts to each of us is the gift of choice. Wisdom reveals to us that most circumstances that occur in our lives are directly related to choices that have been made. How quickly we forget the opportunity that choice provides, especially in the midst of struggle. When we initiate good choices in thoughts and actions, we reap a sound mind, and productive lives. Choose well this day!  … [Read more...]