Everybody Has a Seed to Grow and to Sow by Robert Ricciardelli

Some people walk, some people race

Some people vary in their pace

But God can use what you can give

Within the mystery of His ways

Don’t underestimate…

One thing I know

Everybody’s got a seed to sow

let your heart of hearts

Take you down the road

Everybody’s got a seed to sow “Michael W. Smith”

Every Human being was born with an eternal seed… God’s nature!

Everybody who was born was created in His image. By the grace and mercy of God, He brought us life through Jesus Christ, His Son. Redemption came through Christ, as the now, and eternal life for the worlds eternal seed. Ah, and what a life!

We often get so consumed with redemption and a future heaven, that we miss living His life in the present, on planet earth. We hear a lot of misappropriated teaching on the “Abundant Life” the Father has given us, but the truth is, it is “Abundant Life”, and it is “Abundant Life” now, regardless of the circumstances or where you are on this amazing journey.

When the bible talks about being saved, and whole households being saved, it was not to focus on some future heaven, but it was access to heaven on earth, in the NOW. The seed redeemed now, expecting now, looking for now, can begin the maturation process.

Jesus always pointed to the Father. He taught us to pray to the Father to bring His substance to earth through our very beings. It has always been His original intent for ALL of mankind. His intent has always been to be a loving Father to His creation, and dwell with His people. We all have been derailed one way or another until Father was revealed to us through His Son. We also are all different in where, how, and what we are to sow for His glory, as we sow seeds of His substance on earth as it is in heaven.

Theology and doctrine has been used to define what we have come to know, but has often been the very thing that stops the “sow flow. “ We began to judge each other’s sowing based on our limited knowing. So division happened because of knowledge and not on what we actually were doing. We were designed for love; we were designed to deliver His love to the earth. Simplicity of love becomes evil darkness when we are judging what we think we know rather than judging ourselves on what we actually are doing. And how presumptuous are we in thinking that we can know what the Lord is doing in another’s heart?

Joyce and I are determined to look at all people as part of God’s original design. We point the way to the Father as Jesus did. We point to the Way, the Truth, and the Life through His obedient Son… And then as we seek after Him, we become sons in the image of Christ, FOR GOOD WORKS, AND FOR HIS LOVE.

Consider eliminating thoughts of “us and them”, and look at all of us as part of God’s glorious creation, while needing Him, and needing one another.

Father desires that we love Him, and love others. What adjustments need to be made in our paradigms to live in His Agape paradigms more often as Father pleasers? What steps do we need to make towards being givers rather than takers? We are with you in all of this, and ask ourselves the same questions often. Lord what do we need to do to learn to love you more, and love others as ambassadors for you?

Everybody has a seed to sow, and a seed to grow. Father, by your Spirit, help us to grow, sow, and flow in amazing ways in loving and serving You and others.

Be ready, He is speaking. Listen, He has a more excellent way for all of us, and His Kingdom will surely come, and will be done, through our lives, and to the glory of God.

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