Something Old, Something New by Greg Austin

It’s a New Year! (There is Nothing New Under the Sun).

2012 has now dawned among every inhabitant of planet earth. All around the world, a rising chorus competes with another refrain: The first is “Thank God 2011 has ended,” while the other asks, “What will befall us in the dreadfully anticipated, 2012?

But while we focus on a new year and new possibilities, new challenges and new experiences, there is a sense in which we ought to remember and to value what has been, and not be too quick to toss yesterday onto the scrap heap of history.

There are values, principles, truths that do not wear out or wear thin with the passage of time or with our advance into the future. There are gifts of heaven that are intended to remain with us, not for a year or even for our own, individual lifetimes, but they are provided for all of eternity.

We value merchandise that is engineered for the long haul. We tire of obvious, planned obsolescence. We prefer the lifetime warranty and life-long security. In the face of so much that is temporary and passing it’s good to know we don’t need to renew our subscription with the family of God every year or two, but that when we were born again, we were born for eternity. His salvation, His redemption was once, for all.[1]

We cry out for the new, but we worship a God Who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.[2] In our quest for something new, something novel, something yet unseen, He remains the Ancient of Days.[3]

We desperately seek new experiences, new places, new relationships, new cars, new furniture, but forget the value of things that endure, things that survive; we forget the value of persevering, of persisting, of continuing, the glory of prevailing.

Spurgeon recognized there are some things of lasting value that to change them for anything else would be to lose old gold for new dross.

The old, old, story of Jesus, the age-old gospel message remains, on this first day of 2012, the newest thing in the world; in its very essence, it is forever, good news.

Among the headlong rush for new and heretofore unheard revelation, Spurgeon’s observation remains valid. In the things of God the old is ever new, and if any man finds something that seems to be new doctrine and new truth, it is only worn-out heresy dexterously refitted, and the supposed discovery in theology is the digging up of a carcass of error, which should have been left to rot in oblivion.

In the great matter of truth and godliness we may safely say, There is nothing new under the sun.[4]

We have now stepped our feet into the uncharted waters of another year. None of us here can say with certainty what this New Year will bring, whether good or evil, life or death, joy or sorrow.

But we all, with one accord can testify that in 2012, and for however many days remain to us, This I recall to my mind, Therefore I have hope. Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.[5]

[1] Hebrews 7:27; 9:12, 10:10

[2] 13:8

[3] Daniel 7:9,13,22

[4] Eccl 1:9

[5] Lamentations 3:21-24

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