The Agape Agenda by David VanCronkhite

Love has never been a mass movement. Never.

So be wary of those who say they represent the Kingdom of God but do not carry God’s DNA, which is always about love. Always!

No matter what you call yourself — an Ambassador of the Kingdom of God, a Parish Priest, a Kingdom Carrier, or whatever the trendy term is for the year or decade, your credential for that position will always be that you have been impregnated by the Seed of God and carry His DNA.

Don’t get caught up in causes and opinions in the name of Jesus. The base line of a Kingdom of God transformation is “I love you!” with the desire to love your neighbor and do him good with no other agenda. None! That’s Agape.

So get a hunger to hang out with those teaching love. It’s the foundation of the Kingdom of God.

And if the Kingdom of God is anything — and it is everything — it’s relational, supernaturally relational based upon a foundation of love.

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