Woven As One Because of the Son! {a Poem} by Robert Ricciardelli

We are woven as one because of the Son,

the prize is within us, so we have already won!

He picks us up when we struggle to get through,

then shows us the way, and makes our life new.

Renewing of the mind is no small matter,

and when we embrace His thoughts, it will change our chatter.

Striving is not living, and it can never be,

abiding in Him gives us life for the whole world to see.

Obedience and not sacrifice, is the Lord’s desire,

when we live in that realm, He fill us with FIRE!

The Sword of Truth will carve through all the lies,

He engulfs us in his love, wiping teardrops from our eyes.

He gives us perfect peace the world has yet to know,

and fills us with heavenly substance that to the world we must show.

The love of God is the fuel of His ways,

and the miracles that flow never cease to amaze.

To cease from our own works brings unspeakable joy,

and Daddy says for always, “you are my girl and my boy.”

The dance of fusion that only Father can bring,

is a dance of pleasure that makes our heart sing.

His song, His dance, the eternal romance,

We fall deeper in love with Him with every glance.

What an amazing God, who gives us such grace,

and call us His children while showing us His face.

In our weakness, His strength and glory show up,

We will never thirst when we drink from His cup.

Until the end of each day, we stand and we pray

Looking towards heaven, and that glorious day.

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