God put the seed of everything within itself. Looking at an apple seed, you may imagine a tree or more apples. Think of that seed carrying a forest within it. A seed that never takes root is now a forest that will never be realized. The seed of eternity is within you; the seed of “all things possible” is within you. You are the seed for a forest of His love. Read more

I know what I know, I know what I do not know, But I have yet to discover the things that have not reached my conscious mind. Until they are revealed I just don’t know. Then suddenly I see, another dimension of the Divine, and I am forever changed towards His image. And so I watch and wait expectantly for suddenly to appear once more. Read more

There can be a downside to spiritual insight. Pride can creep in, because we now know something someone else may not. We may take on a loftier attitude rather than the wisdom in humility which says this; “I am thankful for the insight, yet I can learn from a child, or a fallen acorn.” Our position is in Him, and He says, “Stay low my child, and become a servant to all.” Read more

Human ego is the greatest hindrance to releasing the substance of heaven on earth. We are Kingdom of God vessels of His eternal substance. As we die further to the grips of ego, we will see increased measures of His presence. So we choose this day for ego to die more, so that more of Him and less of us is revealed to those around us. Read more

As you continue your spiritual journey, your path will often take you through difficulty, and not around it. As you move through difficulty, be mindful to view your mistakes, and the missteps of others, as lessons learned. These painful lessons will often become the foundation for transformed hearts, and empowered living. Read more

Challenges give us the opportunity to reveal ourself to ourself. In the midst of struggle, is it fear or faith that is winning? Do we trust in man’s ability, or are we trusting God? How we react during a challenge or crisis reveals much, and can teach us much towards adjusting to Father’s world-view. See with His eyes, love with His heart, and let fear subside, because the Lord your God has your life in His hands. Read more

The foundation of love is eternal truth. Love extends to those in truth, and to those yet to know the truth. It is both mercy and truth that leads people to God. Faith, hope, and love remain, but the greatest still, and for all eternity, is LOVE! Love first, love often, love abundantly, and watch what the Father does through your life. Read more

Revolutionary Living; Everywhere, ALL THE TIME! By Robert Ricciardelli www.vision2advance.com Worship and living are not two different things when you live “As Worship” to the Lord. Our faith should not be expressed only in certain settings, but all of life, ALL THE TIME! We must partake in the realm of living where every climate is impacted because His transformational presence goes with us into every atmosphere, ALL THE TIME. Can you imagine if God’s people could grab on and hold… Read more

Whole Lot of Shaking, Whole Lot of Kingdom By Robert Ricciardelli www.vision2advance.com I do not think it has come to any surprise to most of us that there is a whole lot of Shaking going on. Hebrews 12 talks about all that can be shaken will be shaken; so all that remains is the unshakable. As I look at unshakable possibilities, the only thing that comes to mind is Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and the unshakable, unmovable, and Glorious Kingdom… Read more

Many of you know that I am not event driven, but am consumed by His presence. His presence does inhabit the praises and lives of His people. Any event that brings His people together seeking Him, and the sound of heaven, can be assured of His presence, and assured that in His presence, transformation takes place.We are co-sponsoring an event on October 3, 2009 that I believe will be historic. It is a FREE event, so the only cost would… Read more

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