We do not need more religion about God. We just need God, and more and more of Him. He is waiting on us to seek Him like never before, and as we do, He meets us in miraculous ways. Fear, inadequacies, and all obstacles can be conquered by His presence. Read more

Success is not something that you pursue, it is something you attract. It is because of who you are in God. It is His divine favor resting upon you. “You are in Him, He is in you”, is powerful living with the substance of heaven. My pursuit is His Kingdom, and His glory. My pursuit is, “Everything God is, I am”, because I want to live in His nature. Read more

Reality life is not about becoming somebody. It’s about becoming a nobody while submitting to a Somebody. Somebody then takes nobody and raises them up with all credit going to Somebody. Somebody then lives with nobody and makes them like Somebody, for the glory of Somebody. That Somebody is Jesus, who can take any nobody and make them a somebody for all eternity. Read more

Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness! The only way way to pursue Fathers nature is the way of humility. The death of ego must progressively come to inherit the treasures and power of heaven. The dying produces the fruits of the Kingdom such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. May this be our pursuit. Read more

We often do not perceive all the goodness that God has brought to our lives, especially in the midst of life’s happenings. We also miss the significance of our own lives to those around us. When we step back and take a fresh look at the reality of the goodness of God, we can rise above the drama that encompasses us. Read more

When you choose a life in darkness, you become enslaved to that darkness. A slave does not remain in the house forever, but a son does. When we choose living in Christ, we choose the way of life and of sonship. As sons and daughters of the Eternal King and Kingdom, we are children of life, and not slaves to sin. We now remain in His house forever. Read more

Difficulties can sometimes keep us from waiting on God. Human nature wants to find it’s own solution rather than depend on the Lord. We must return to a place of unceasing dependence on God. What are the things that have kept us from the Secret Place in Him? May we commit our lives to cultivate the grace we have been given as we trust Him for all things. Read more

Are we waiting on God, and His still small voice? Do we know that He desires to speak to us? Are we at home spiritually waiting for His knock on the door of our hearts? Are we alert for His Word, and will we respond to Him? Wait, expect, listen, and then respond to your ever knowing, and ever loving Father. Read more

Our short lives on earth are sowing times. What is sown is perishable, but what is raised is imperishable. God’s unconditional love engulfs us, and everything about us, for eternity. Nothing we live in our body is lived in vain; This is a call for us to live every moment as a seed of eternity. Read more

Some people like to paint life outside the box, while others desire to paint life inside both the real and perceived boundaries of their lives. You can find fear and safety inside and outside of borders and structures. The key is to become consistently, and fearlessly remarkable. Love bigger, give bigger,and live happy, inside and outside the box. Read more

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