It does not matter WHERE you fulfill your assignment as much as that you KNOW your assignment. Father has manifested His name through your life to the people whom He has given you to serve and relate with. We often speak of our efforts to glorify God. Jesus knew exactly what was needed to accomplish that. We have the same general call to reconcile the world back to the Father. But you will fulfill it in the way He has… Read more

It is evident that we cannot rely on institutions for changes to community or nation. We have only one we can rely on, and that is God Himself. He has chosen to change the world through people. You are that people. Everything you do in love, honor, and in service to Him and the people around you, impacts your community, your nation, and the world. Are you seeing yourself as a change agent on planet earth? God does. Read more

Keep your eyes on the Prince of Peace. He can be found in weaknesses, doubts, and when lives seem the most broken. In relinquishing control and self sufficiency, we turn only to Him for peace beyond what the world can give. He will give you a feast of peace in the midst of your enemies. Embrace His peace, and cling to Him, while healing comes, circumstances change, and the next steps unfold for the journey ahead. Read more

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There can be no repentance in the things we do not know about self, but glory comes when we search out the hidden things. As Christ followers, self reflection is so necessary. We must sincerely inquire of God to reveal to us the areas of our lives that need to be changed into His likeness. Love will compel us to change, and Father will help us to further reveal more of His glory. Read more

Father had YOU in mind before you were formed. He foreknew all of your choices and encounters, and through it all, His love endures. He chose YOU. He designed YOU for His purposes and glory. YOU are forever precious to Him regardless of your self-thoughts, and what you have done or neglected to do. He desires for you to see yourself as He sees you. YOU are His expressed will being done on earth as it is in heaven. Read more

People are tired of living in the ideas of mankind, and desire only the Way, the Truth, that establishes reality Life. In agape life, what we do happens because of who we are in Him, powered by His Spirit led presence. Being a child of God while increasingly being captured by His love is foundational as ambassadors to the world of His eternal Kingdom. Read more

We have all learned so much through the years. So much information has produced information overload in most of us. So many things we have been taught that we must do and yet we do not do them. Much information does not mean we know much. When we have a deep knowing, there is often a response to that knowing. To know and to not do, is to truly not know. Read more

It does not matter if you are in a sowing, reaping, or waiting season. Glean from it all. Every season is a season to cling to the Father and hold everything else loosely. He will come to you and rearrange the furniture of your life. He will insert the stuff you need, and take away things that just needs to go away as the next season approaches. Be eagerly expecting His glory to come upon this transitional time. Read more

There is but one choice that all humanity was designed to choose. That choice was the very purpose for creation. We were created by Love, and for love. We are to be living expressions of God’s love which is unconditional, without agenda, the foundation for every good work. Before you choose any response in life, will first choose love? Will you join the tribe of lovers, who love for Love? Read more

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