It’s about Who You Are more than Where You Meet By Robert Ricciardelli All of you who have known us through the years know how much we value relationships. We encourage everyone to pursue relationship with the Father and each other in ever increasing ways. Loving God with all that we are, and loving each other as the Body of Christ regardless of Race, Creed, or Expression. We have friends in many streams who love God, and follow after… Read more

Everything Is Spiritual Because God Made Everything By Robert Ricciardelli Everything is Spiritual because God made everything. Everything has it’s origins from God. Computers originate from God through His creation. Even things had began with good intentions because they were God’s intentions, all originate from Almighty Creator of ALL Things. The devil himself originates from God. You cannot escape God as He “is”, always, He “is” everywhere, and He “is” at all times. He is in this galaxy and… Read more

Almighty and Kids! By Robert Ricciardelli God’s intended purpose for each of His creation was to birth an extension of Himself. A family, with a family business in mind, called “Almighty and Kids”. Can you imagine? From eternity past until now, God’s desire was to have a family called to Himself. So let’s break it down a bit and look at some of Fathers design for all of us who were created in His image. • Father the Creator… Read more

We are a peculiar people. It is amazing the watch the creativity of our God represented in the lives of His creation. We are all so different and yet each of us have been created by His design, and with His intentions in mind. When God created the heavens and the earth, and His most coveted creation, man, He called it good. What God calls good, is very good, so what happened?As we look back at the goodness of God… Read more

God has a purpose for Christian men and women! This is no surprise to those of us who have made the choice to love God with all of our heart soul and mind, and love our neighbors and all of those the Lord brings our way abundantly. These two pillars of our faith are the foundation for everything we do in life. First things first, love God, for it is out of the abundance of our love and relationship with… Read more

This sure is an interesting season… No doubt people are scrambling to make sure they are not “Left Behind”. Not sure where you are in your eschatology, but we can certainly presuppose that the famous books and movie series are highly fictional. So where does that leave us? Behind for sure, but not left behind. Father certainly has not left us behind, but in many ways we have left Him behind. Besides all the normal trends in societal degradation of… Read more

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