Ask God For Directions by Robert Ricciardelli

The world owes and promises you nothing. God owes you nothing yet gives you great promise. You were intentionally born into an amazing plan, and your existential purpose and destiny unfolds from moment to moment. Ask the world for directions and it will lead you down the path of its choice. Ask God for directions, and He will give you vision, walk with you, talk with you, and lovingly inspire your every step. “

Therefore you owe the world, because you were given life for the world and to give the world hope in God, the Giver of Life. While you are still breathing, and no matter what season you are going through, are you capturing every moment? Are you listening and learning from every moment? Each moment is part of our future, even the bad works for good, for all things work for good. Can you see the good in what you are going through and have gone through?

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