Awakened Into a Revolution by Robert Ricciardelli

False systems continue to crumble as people are shaken into a great awakening. The awakened people of God are unquenchably resolved to love and become one with each other. Seasonal changes must be met with a renewing of the mind in order to make the shift into Kingdom reality. Those who fail to navigate the shift and retreat back to what once was, will in the end find that they they have slept through a revolution.

  • Ken Handwerker

    Let the church arise and shine for our Light has come and the Glory of The LORD is upon us as we dwell together in unity manifesting God’s LOVE one to another and the lost as Jesus’ Disciples indeed.

  • Coach Robert

    Amen Ken!

  • David Anderson

    I heard almost exactly this message presented yesterday in Montrose, Colorado. However I also perceived that probably no one speaking actually realized how radical and across the board this “great awakening” is, actually. The “false systems” include a lot of the understanding of Christianity itself…. this is about entire thought systems… not just about specific systems like say, political or economic or other religions… The awakening is about “what is human” and “what is world” and “what is God” with quite different answers surfacing… breaking the limiting surface…..

  • Coach Robert

    David, I agree… Christianity itself as a system of religion is often part of the problem.We must awaken as Christ followers, not religious pursuers. or moral majority pharisees. Human as God intends is what we must align with.. God calls us children, God calls us lights, God calls us ambassadors of His love and goodness for the world…