Be Present for Every Moment of Your Life by Robert Ricciardelli

Ambassadors for God do not focus on end time perspectives because they are engaged with the NOW times with God and His eternal Kingdom. They know they are not promised tomorrow, they have no fear of the future, and they view each day as an opportunity to love, to serve, and to presently manifest the substance of heaven on planet earth. They know there is no turning back, they know that their future is yet to unfold, and they know that they have been prepared and empowered to fully be present in every moment. The end matters very little to a life that is existentially engaged with the Fathers business in this dimension of eternity.

Are you more concerned about tomorrow than you are about your life today?

Do you realize that the the power of your present moment is the only power you can access?

Will you choose to live in faith and not fear as your destiny unfolds?

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