Belief and Doubt Cannot Coexist in Empowerment by Robert Ricciardelli

Out of the thousands of thoughts that cross your mind each day, you make the choice as to what thoughts you choose to harbor. It is God within you that empowers you to renew your mind daily and conform your thoughts to be aligned with His divine mind. Thoughts lead to action, and thoughts can empower you or disable you from activities of providence and design. Pray or worry, but do not do both as fear will try to subdue your faith filled thoughts and prayers. Believe or doubt, but they cannot coexist in the empowered moments of your life. Faith brings God much pleasure, and miracles are birthed from God’s abiding and abundant love for you.

What thoughts have you been harboring?

Do you see patterns of thoughts that need to be adjusted?

Are you consciously and prayerfully renewing, or resetting your mind daily?

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