Captured by God’s Love by Janice VanCronkhite

Captured by God’s love

There is nothing more horrific than the enslaving of innocent children in the sex trade. Stories of victims of human sex trafficking have haunted me and I’ve often wondered what I could do to help. I mentioned it to the Lord one day and soon a door opened for me to present an art workshop in a home for young girls who had been rescued from the sex trade. I jumped at the chance. 


I was warned that the girls, ranging in ages from 14-18, typically were distracted with guest speakers. I was no exception. But when I began to share my testimony and tell the stories behind some of my prophetic paintings, I had their full attention. They asked questions and seemed eager to hear the Word through the simple explanations of how Jesus shows me what to paint and how to paint it. Through art I was able to share the gospel in a very natural way.

The girls were thrilled to get a creative impartation from above and do their own inspired pastel drawings. With great revelation, each one enthusiastically shared what God had shown them and how they interpreted it with vibrant colors. They seemed to glow, and you would never suspect their past traumatic circumstances.
I received some precious thank you notes from the girls. One said she had never done anything like that before and

One of the girls wrote “God has changed me” around her drawing.
God Has Changed Me drawing

that she never felt as she did while creating her piece. As I left that day, another girl presented me with a drawing of a butterfly and the words “God Has Changed Me.” The butterfly perfectly symbolized the ongoing healing, freedom, and transformation happening in these precious young women. I know God is restoring their lives. And I left with a deeper understanding of the power of art to be used in the process.

My visit that day inspired the painting Captured. Not only have these girls captured their Father’s heart, the Father is capturing them with His love. I saw that the chains that once had them bound are transformed into His pure chains of gold that lovingly hold them in His presence forever.

Reserve your spot at the art retreat

      There is one spot available for the “Diamonds on the Lake” retreat May 27-30 and one opening for the “Releasing the Art and Creativity of Heaven” retreat June 24-27 at my Lake Oconee studio near Atlanta.

A perfect place to paint.
Overlooking Lake Oconee

If you are interested in reserving your place for either retreat or want more information, contact  me ASAP.
I limit each retreat to eight women ensuring an intimate setting where each participant receives the personal attention and encouragement needed to move into her next creative dimension.

Janice VanCronkhite at workSchedule Janice to speak at your church, conference, or to present a prophetic art workshop.

Contact Janice for more information.  

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