Christ the Message, Christ the Way by Robert Ricciardelli

God brought the message through Christ that living as God intended could only be found through His ways, His truth, His life, and His agape love. Therefore, He holds the keys and the promises for life itself. This is not a preferential truth, or a denominational or cultural lifestyle, this is a life in God that is both now and eternal. He holds it all together in significance while revealing His redemptive and restorative plan for each of us, and it is He alone that holds the meaning and value of our lives. Our life is not about us, but it is about our lives becoming one with God and living out the incarnate life of God through us.

What does living a life as God intended mean to you?

If He holds the Keys and Promises of true life in the now and forever, what must you do to live in that life?

If your life is not about you, what must change in order to expand the life that God wants to express through you?

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