Christmas Season Faith For Miracles by Robert Ricciardelli

Christmas will always have many more advocates than detractors. Yes it is busy, yes there may be times of wrongful focus, and yes there will be those who question the origin of the day. The key for how we will engage with this season and on this day comes down to perspective. Christmas for many is an encounter, a great encounter, and the historical reminder of God’s most significant encounter with mankind. God brought Himself to the world to show us His love and to show us the way back to Himself. He who has faith knows this reality and can rejoice in it. The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others burdens, and coming together as friends and family are rare opportunities in a fast paced world. christmas-a-season-of-miralcesChristmas becomes a miraculous opportunity to open the door of many hearts, a time for love, relationship, and to collectively worship and thank our God, the Giver of all Life.

How are your attitudes and perspectives working for good today?

God is a redeemer, can you see how he might be able to redeem any season or any day of your life?

Look for opportunities to bring the miracle of love to others and also embrace the miracles of God for your own life.

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