Creating God in Our Own Image by Robert Ricciardelli

God created us in His image, and we have returned the favor by creating Him in our own image. God designed us to live in His image and ways, while humanistic religion presents a God who is an advocate for their need for power, dominance, and control. Before ego has a chance to start another war, end another relationship, or abuse the defenseless, we must be reminded that the one true God is a God of love, life, and liberty for all. He is the God that advocates, “If you seek to be great, become a servant”, and,”if you want to truly find your life, you must die to your ego led existence and be led by the Spirit of God.” His truth lives on and His righteousness will continue to prevail.

Do you try and fit God into your own image and likeness?

Has your ego gotten in the way of forgiveness and authentic relationships?

Have you been caught up in trying to stay in control?

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