Faith is the Destroyer of Fear by Robert Ricciardelli

Faith is the Destroyer of Fear by Robert Ricciardelli July 24, 2012

We need to quit being afraid, and begin to step out of the boat and onto the water. Because no matter what it costs, the Kingdom of God coming through our life in the here and now is worth it, both for us and for all the people we touch. Fear will try to direct us away from the purposes of God. Faith allows for the Spirit of God to guide our every step as the Divine Navigator within us leads us from fear and into the promised land. There is nothing in this world that has defeated more people and more destinies than fear. On the other hand, faith in God has caused more miracles and victories than any other thing on the face of the earth. Fear cannot withstand the power of faith and will bow every time it comes against it. Arise in the faith of your God and your victories will assuredly come.

How does your fear factor into your life today?
Are you willing to courageously stand against it?
Will you surrender your fear and embrace your God in all things?

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