Get in Union With Real Power and Life by Robert Ricciardelli

You cannot escape God within or God without. He is all and in all. The keys to establishing the Kingdom of God within you comes through your willingness to accept God into the depth of your soul, and to consciously align your will, your nature, and your being with Him. God outside of ourselves is constantly presenting His glory through all of creation, and His eternal love waits for those who might accept Him into their hearts, their souls, and their minds. There can be no power without God in our lives, and there can never be the fullness of life without Him. Christ embodied the fullness of God, the fullness of life, and gave us the the type of incarnation we can realize in our lives through the indwelling Spirit of God. You do not need to go through religious motions as much as you need your life motions to be in union with God’s love and the power of His Spirit.

Are you accepting the powerful presence of God into your life each and every day?

Do you understand that God wants to incarnate Himself through your life?

What conscious disciplines enable the Spirit of God to flow through your life? In other words, what are you giving God to work with in your life?

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