God Desires Your Heart More Than Your Talents by Robert Ricciardelli

God is not looking for brilliant people, is not dependent upon charismatic orators, and will not cease in bringing His glory upon the earth regardless of the talents of those sharing His “Good News” message. God is looking for those who are broken and humble enough to see themselves through the light of Christ while willing to align their lives with Him. When God wants His will accomplished, He finds those who have come to the end of themselves and whose confidence is not in themselves, but only in their God.

As brilliant as God has created you to be, it is your heart He is after. What does this mean to you?

In your brokenness you find yourself in a place where God can use you. Are you there yet?

Where have you been placing your confidence? Is it in talents or in the supernatural power of God through your life?

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    I thank my god who brought me to your website to be conneted to your network.I am hearding over fifty pastors in the city of kakata marhibi county, liberia west Africa.Iwill love for you to visit liberia in last week of may.hope hear from you verry soon God blessing his rest work

    • http://www.convergingzone.com Editor

      Brother, I would love to come. I cannot come this year.. God bless you my friend and brother..