God’s Love Leads to Safety by Robert Ricciardelli

Hope in a turbulent world is not logical, but participation in the very life of God leads to hope and a sense of safety. When we give God’s love or are a recipient of His unconditional love from others, it becomes a safe place to be. If you can’t feel safe with a person, you cannot feel loved by them or trust in their love. The presence of God is safe and if you do not feel safe, it cannot be God’s loving presence. The agape love of God creates freedom, trust, and safety, and any other kind of love becomes a cheap imitation.

Are you allowing God’s love to penetrate your heart and then loving others with that same love?

Are you in relationships that are safe? Are you a safe place for others?

Determine to go deeper in your love for God and others, the agape love of God will supernaturally guide you to love and be loved.

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