Live For Today With No Worries For Tomorrow by Robert Ricciardelli

The more we focus on our past or future the less we focus on our life today. God desires for us to live in authentically for every moment in life. The past does not define who we are, God defines who we are, and who we are becoming. What we do or become in the future is the convergence God within, and our willingness to engage with His presence each day toward our destiny. We do not need to hold on to the past or be concerned about our future, nor should we worry about today. We must however live for today, and engage in the fullness of life for every moment that God has given us.

Are you living in the freedom of who you really are in your life today?

Have you allowed God to remove the voices or experiences that have tried to define you?

Are you willing to live in the integrity and fullness of life today, realizing that it is only and always possible with God?

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