Living Epistles Bring Forth the Word in Power by Robert Ricciardelli

To be biblical is not simply quoting the Bible. It is not about to quoting Abraham or Moses, but it is to live in the same faith that they lived. We do not just quote what Jesus said, but we are to live as Jesus lived. We are to be in harmony with the same Wisdom of Jesus. We are called to be Living Epistles who experience the Living God in everyday life. Heart knowledge and intimacy with God should far out pace textual knowledge of Scripture. Jesus did not quote the Bible as much as He pointed out the reality of life. That is why people said, “He is not like the Scribes and Pharisees.” Jesus manifested inner truth that came forth upon the earth with magnificent power. We will do likewise as the inner truth of the Spirit of God permeates our very being.

How do you feel when you meet someone who quotes scripture more than they live it?

How do you think the world feels when they come across people quote scriptures of love and yet their hearts and actions reflect little of God and His love?

Will you choose to live out loud the Word of God, and let your lives preach beyond mere words the wonders of our God?

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