Love Remains Dormant Until We Act by Robert Ricciardelli

To want love, or to believe in the power of love is wonderful, but the power of love will remain dormant until we decide to act upon the love of God within us. Actions speak louder than words and people have heard “I love you” many times while remaining starved for real acts of love and affection. The greatest purpose of our existence is to love and to be an ambassador for God’s love to the world. God is love, and He created us by His love, in His love, for His love, and designed us to love Him and love others beyond our self. Be the love that you desire and you will watch Love pour out upon you and vibrantly released through you to a world in need of Love.

How is Love acting out through your life?

Are there hurts or soft spots that are hindering you love receptors or reflectors?

What action can you take right now in showing love to someone near and dear to you?

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