Manifest Life Through Truthful Thoughts by Robert Ricciardelli

We condemn ourselves so often and come against God’s desire to lift us up as His beloved children. Whatever we think about ourselves within our hearts, we begin to manifest the becoming of those thoughts in our life. The more we see ourselves as sinners, the more we will be prone to sin. The more we see ourselves as ambassadors of love and of righteousness through Christ, the more we begin to live in the nature of God. Thoughts and perceptions do matter. The more we see ourselves as part of the Divine, as cherished children of God, Love consumes us, and sin has very little room to maneuver.

When you fail, do receive readily receive forgiveness or are you prone to condemnation that is never from God?

Do you see yourself as a sinner, or a saint?

You are amazing to your God, He loves you as you are. Will you receive His grace today as a beloved child?

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