Nothing Happens by Accident in God by Robert Ricciardelli

Nothing happens to you by accident when you have God in your life. God orchestrates and inserts plans, purposes and events in your life. In divine providence, natural happenings good or bad cannot keep you from your destiny. God will often interrupt your plans and place you at His purposed time and place. God makes all things to work out for you in its season. As you involve Him in your daily life and trust His love for you, He will lead you to the right place at the right time while providing everything you need along the way.

Have you ever had thoughts about your life and wondered how can this ever work out? Well, your still here!

Do not let your present conditions determine your future.

Expect the miraculous to overtake you throughout your day, and God will make it happen for you.

  • mylow young

    A timely message brother! I’m dealing with something right now and feel that the circumstance will affect my ministry and involvement with others… I prayed last night asking God to help me see through the circumstane… WOW! Blessings to you and your wife… I speak life to myself and marriage… please speak life over us..