Resistance is Coming After You! by Robert Ricciardelli

“Resistance is coming after you, and it manifests itself in many ways. It can come as urgent and yet not important, it can come as a “feel good” habit to take you off your game. You must know that everyday and many times a day, Resistance will come knocking. Resist Resistance and it will flee. Your best work is in THIS hour and in THIS day. Conquer resistance by working daily with God’s destiny plan for your life.”

Have you identified Resistance in your life and the ways it manifests?

Are you consciously resisting the demands of Resistance as it tries to distract you from purpose?

Remain on your destiny path, and in the power of Spirit, overcome all obstacles of Resistance on the road to victory.

  • Malak Ghattas

    Good theme but needs more speculation.bless you-Dr.Malak

  • Greg Austin

    . . . And we ought to be thankful for Resistance! God uses everything to benefit His people. Resistance is the thing that the body uses to develop muscle strength. Resistance enables the development of Determination. Without Resistance, we would all be weak, ineffective, easily overcome. “The North Wind MADE the Vikings!” “Resist Resistance,” and “the devil will flee from” your new-found strength, because we know that “tribulation (Resistance) produces perseverance, and perseverance, character” and character enables us to remain standing when the winds of Resistance have been blown themselves empty. Stand, therefore, and “see the salvation of the Lord.”