Shortcuts Can Often Cause a Delay by Robert Ricciardelli

Shortcuts in life are often just an illusion. Shortcuts toward authentic life often make the journey longer. If we try to circumvent our journey with God, and His designed pathways for learning, growth, and maturity, we may cause a destiny delay. There aren’t many actual shortcuts anyway, and direct paths usually work best. Most people don’t like to take the direct and often illuminated path because of fear, or because it seems to be too difficult, therefore desiring an easier road. This gives birth to wondering, wandering, and detours that disguise themselves as a quicker and easier way. There are no shortcuts in life, there are no shortcuts to victory, and there are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

Have you been searching for, or continue to take shortcuts that have stunted your growth in God?

Have you asked God for the best way forward and worked within His plan for your journey?

Some things take time and hard work. Are you willing to put in the authorized time and work in the Kingdom of God?

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