The Anointed One is Always Present by Robert Ricciardelli

The anointing is not something that comes and goes. The anointing comes from the Anointed One who never leaves us and is ever present to deliver His love, mercy, and grace in power. People feel the anointing like it just came upon them, when it actually just poured through them. We all have the ability to be a conduit for His ability, His presence, His anointed transactions. That is not exclusive to anyone, but inclusive to all living temples of the Living God. To some of those leaders, I would say, “Get over yourself, quit illuminating yourselves, decrease while He brings the increase, and always go low so He may be lifted higher and higher through your life.”

Are you conscious of the powerful and loving Presence within you throughout your day?

Do you seek to live a unified incarnate life with God for every context of life?

Will you choose to forgive the arrogance, the foolishness, and deceptive glory stealing ways of many leaders today? Will you pray for them?

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