The Incarnation of Love and Life by Robert Ricciardelli

The relationship between us and God is something far beyond our comprehension. Yet, because we are made in the image of God, God has given us a hint of what that relationship means. He made us so that we could experience our own human relationships. In fact, we can’t live without relationships. The life and death of Christ brought forth to the world the greatest love of all, and for all. It seems like our very humanness, our weakness, our vulnerability draws God to us in an intensity we can’t comprehend. It is stunning to realize that this is not just spirituality that comes through relationship, but it is God Himself forever within us giving us a piece of divinity, a prized possession of Himself.

Do you see gap between God’s love and human love?

Are you seeking to love God and others with the supernaturally unconditional love of the Spirit within?

Are you grasping the incarnate life of God through you?

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