The Only Essence for Life by Robert Ricciardelli

We often exist on the peripherals of life, the circumference of real truth and life. We become confused as to what the essence of God and freedom really are, and end up holding on to the superficial and claiming it as substance. The absolutes and the true Center seems to be crumbling as reality in our lives. We live on the the fleshly edges for so long that it starts feeling like the only life available, never able to touch the depths of our soul and spirit. We have so many opportunities and choices these days to escape reality, and it is no wonder why so many seldom look to God to be the centering solution for their lives. The essence of reality life can only be found by embracing the presence of God.

Are you consciously in the fullness of body, soul, and spirit?

Have you been escaping the reality of what is really going on around you and especially within you?

Will you trust God to illuminate and take you on the sometimes painful discovery of choices that you must make today?

Please Forgive Me by Robert Ricciardelli
God is Never Distant by Robert Ricciardelli
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Please Forgive Me by Robert Ricciardelli
  • Ray Horton

    “Are you consciously in the fullness of body, soul, and spirit?” While we are in touch with our bodies and the physical world with our five senses, and our souls through thought, feelings, decisions and the whole mental process, we cannot get in touch with our born-again spirits those ways, so many have very limited communion with the part of them that is there very identity, that part through which they are at one with our God. We need to learn to rely fully on Holy Spirit speaking to us not just by the logos of the Word, but to our hearts through the Rhema Word, as well as through prayer in the Spirit, including devotional prophecy. God’s Word to us personally as we are in His presence centers us like nothing else can.

    • Editor

      Amen, Ray, my mentioning of consciousness was for that very reason. We cannot live unconsciously and be aware of our physical or spiritual beingness, and most of the church lives this way and through the illusion of religion. Only under the guidance of Spirit can we see as He sees and be as He has always desired us to be…. in Him… God bless