The Power of Starting by Robert Ricciardelli

There are great ideas and intentions that stay in the mind and never make it to reality. They just never get started. Today is the day you could pick up the phone and forgive that person who, you know in your heart, needs to be forgiven. Today is the day you could start that business or get in better health. Today is the day you could reflect with God on what’s not working in your life. Today is the day for relating with your God and listening for His intentions for you. Make this the day to engage with your authentic self and reality, unless of course, you’ve made other plans.

There is a power that comes from taking the first step. What first step must you take today?

What holds you back from initiating? Is it fear?

God does not give us the Spirit of fear, but gives us power in Spirit. Will you engage with the power of God for your life today?

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