Traditions Can Get in God’s Way by Robert Ricciardelli

See to it that you do not become captive to human traditions and deceptive worldly principles rather than on Christ Himself. Do not depend on methods that may have worked in the past or expect miracles to be exclusive to historic places where they once appeared. God is the God of the here and the now. The past is over now, and the old places have been vacated and hold no power. The institutional traditions can never fully support you and history is never a force for today. Those who seek God daily and seek to know His ways will realize that God does not care for humanistic sacrifices, but He cares greatly for human hearts devoted to Him and the fullness of His love. Traditional systems can never replace the experiential power that can only be gained through a personal relationship with Almighty God. The greatest ally for man will never be presented by what man can do. The greatest ally for humanity is the justice that only a loving God can provide.

Traditions can be good, but do you find yourself trapped by the expectations of them?

Do you find yourself going through the motions, the doings, rather than being in union with your God?

God desires so much that you acknowledge Him in all of your ways. Will you choose this day, relationship over sacrifice for your God?

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